The story of our hotel

Hotel Jomfru Ane, as we see it now, was completed in 2013. Yet, the history of the building goes back much further. The building was originally constructed in 1900, when it was ready to house a number of different businesses, such as shops and cafés. For many years, it was owned by the Fraternity “Veritas”, which was one of the residing businesses. 

In 2010, the complete renovation of the 2nd and 3rd floor started, which was the fundamental stone for the beginnings of Hotel Jomfru Ane. The building was rebuilt and split apart. The outdoor walls were restored to their original look from the 1900.

In June 2013, the hotel was prepared to welcome its first guests in the new modern rooms. With the location directly on the walking streets of Aalborg, it is near to attractions offered by the city centre.

Variety of gourmet restaurants, stylish cafés, fancy bars, shopping malls or different cultural facilities are only a piece of what our guests can explore in the hotel’s surroundings. 

Currently, Hotel Jomfru Ane offers 35 rooms designed in a modern urban style with a focus on functionality and comfort. Each room contains a work desk, flat-screen TV and a private bathroom. The lounge area is designed as a common space for the guests, where hot drinks, such as tea and coffee are daily at the guests’ disposal.

Today, the hotel continues hosting the guests from all around the world, always working for the mission of comfort and simplicity.

Jomfru Ane Gade 1913

Jomfru Ane Gade 1913, The hotel can be seen on the left side of the street

Foto: Aalborg Stadsarkiv

Hotel jomfru ane
Hotel Jomfru Ane today